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Nate Hickey


Name:  Nate Hickey

Gender: Male

Instrument:  Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

Hometown:   Finneytown, OH

Eye Color:  Brown

Favorite Movies:  Empire Strikes Back, The Incredibles, The Assassination of Jesse James(Pitt Version), Marvel Movies, and anything involving warewolves

Favorite Bands/Albums:   The Rolling Stones, Van Halen(not Van Hagar), Steve Earle, Pearl Jam, Springsteen, Prince, Los Lobos, Motown

Past bands/projects:  Banjo, Simpletons, Bootleg Rider

Tidbits:  I've played the Ryman Auditorium for 5 seconds, Lived in NYC for a day, Exchanged autographs with Peter Frampton, and I can not whistle to save my life.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?:  I'd just be mega-powerful something or other and I'd rule the world!  But I'd be cool about it.

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